Breakthrough Broker is an essential marketing platform for real estate agents to build their business.

Founded by former REALTORS® Eric Sachs and Nathan Froelich, Breakthrough Broker was inspired by the belief that every agent could have a successful career in real estate if they had access to the right information, tools, and resources. So, they created a solution to help agents just like them excel in a competitive industry.

Breakthrough Broker’s extensive catalog of premium content includes:

  • Marketing – Brochures, postcard campaigns, listing videos, buyer presentations, and more. 
  • Social Media – Top quality, branded posts for listings, lead generations, holidays, and more.
  • Planning – Get organized, set goals, and track business with our accounting tools, business plans, and workbooks for new agents.
  • Lead GenerationExpand your business with tips from our library of prospecting articles, open house tips, and online growth strategies.
  • Tech Tips – Learn how technology can amplify your business with the help of these tutorials, how-to videos, and explainer articles.
  • Inspire – Explore our available on-demand webinars, motivational articles, and inspiring interviews to help you stay productive.

Questions? Reach out to your BNT Business Development Rep for more information.

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