BNT Sponsored Realtor Panel

June 4th – 4:00pm – 6:00pm

7300 Lone Star Drive
Plano, Texas 75024

Topic that will be reviewed

App Wrap

There are numerous apps and software systems out there for real estate – how do we choose the right ones? This class is a quick dive into many different apps in a variety of subjects – Lead Gen, Websites, CRM, Ad tracking, and many more.

Death of a Cold Call

Cold Calling is dead and has been for some time. How do experts turn cold calls into warm calls? This class focuses on how we can prospect to find qualified leads and turn those leads into clients with a few simple tricks.

Guide to Facebook Ads

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site – buyers, sellers, investors all have a presence here. Facebook Ads allow for very targeted, high ROI investments that can help propel your real estate business.

Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media site out there. Caution: Millennials are here! This class will walk through the basics of Instagram: creating an account, what content to post, hashtags, engagement and advertisements.

Millennial Home Buyer

Millennials are the largest population group in our society and are buying homes at an alarming rate. How do we work with them? What do they look for in a realtor? What do they expect? How do we communicate with them?

Reviews & Online Reputation

People are looking to the internet for everything – products, services, restaurants, and companies. Everybody has a reputation online based on reviews and testimonials. What are people saying about you? What can you do to improve?

Reviews & Online Security – Fraud and Forgery

Real Estate fraud is increasing every day. How are fraudsters getting access to real estate funds and what can we do to stop them?

Survey Says

Surveys can be a complicated part of the Real Estate closing process. This class focuses on what surveys are, what constitutes a valid survey, and the type of insurance coverage a survey provides.

Top New Social Media Features

Social Media is an ever-changing game that we must play. There are constantly new developments that allow us to stay ahead of our competition and connect with potential prospects and clients in new ways.

Up Your Loyalty Game

We tend to see sales as a conveyor belt – we focus on moving a buyer/seller through the home buying process and feel complete when they close. We need to focus on creating sales cycles so that once a client closes on a home, we start marketing to them for their next transaction/referral. How do we create loyalty? What can we do to set ourselves apart and be memorable?

What is a Title Commitment and Why Do I Need One?

Title Commitments are the basis for your Title Insurance Policy. This class goes through the basics of a title commitment and why it’s necessary to receive and review it.